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Ride On Mercedes

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Best Mercedes Ride on Electric Cars for Kids to Drive!

ride on mercedes

Cool Black Mercedes Ride on Car for Kids

Ride-on Mercedes are among the coolest electric cars for toddlers out there!

*This stunning shiny black Mercedes ride-on car in the picture is absolutely gorgeous! It looks exactly like the original! It is perfect for toddlers and small kids up to 6 years old!

The maximum speed is around 2 mph, so it is pretty safe for your toddler and loads of fun! It comes with a remote control as well, which is always a great plus for the parents…

Just imagine your little boy driving his very own silver ride-on Mercedes around the block! Priceless!

I can’t get over how shiny it is!

Gorgeous RED Mercedes-Benz Electric Ride On Car for Kids

RED Mercedes Electric Ride On Toy

RED Mercedes Electric Ride On Toy

How about this gorgeous ride-on RED Mercedes?
How cool is that?
The max speed is about 4 mph and it fits children ages 2 up to 5 years old.
Parents and grandparents love the fact that it also has a remote control!

I think this cool red ride-on Mercedes will make the ultimate birthday or Christmas gift to a very lucky little boy or girl!

Stunning Black Mercedes Benz 300S Battery Operated Kids Ride-on

Mercedes Benz Kids Electric Ride On Car

12V Mercedes Benz 300S Kids Electric Ride On Car

12V Mercedes Benz 300S Kids Electric Ride On Car with MP3 and Remote Control – Black

This amazing convertible black Mercedes Benz ride-on electric car is one of the most stunning realistic looking ride-on electric Mercedes for toddlers! (Check out the gorgeous cream color dashboard…)

It also comes with real working lights and a cool seat belt! Great gift idea!!

*You can also get one in red or cream.

Beautiful Silver Mercedes Benz G-Class Battery Operated Ride-on Toy Car

Silver Ride-on Mercedes for Kids

Silver Ride-on Mercedes

National Products 12V Silver Mercedes Benz G-Class Battery Operated Ride-on

Now it’s time for this fabulous silver ride-on Mercedes! The color is gorgeous!

I can just imagine two happy kids driving this cool silver Mercedes all over the backyard… It is also a good way for them to learn how to share and alternate between ‘drivers’…

GORGEOUS Yellow Mercedes Benz Ride on Car for Kids!

Yellow Mercedes Benz for Kids

Yellow Mercedes Benz for Kids

I want this gorgeous and very unique yellow Mercedes Benz child electric car for myself!!
It is stunning!
It looks so luxurious!
Now here comes the best part:
It is affordable! 🙂

Beautiful Silver Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Kids Ride-On Car with Remote

Silver Mercedes Benz SLS Kids Ride-On Car

Silver Mercedes Benz SLS Kids Ride-On Car

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG 12V Kids Ride-On Car

In my opinion this is the most beautiful Mercedes electric car for kids around!
It is a fancy looking silver Mercedes!
(Check out the soft PU leather seat with 5 point safety seat belt!)
Fits toddlers and kids up to 5 or 6 years old!
It comes with the battery, charger and a remote control for parents!
I love the working headlights too! 🙂
(Once your little one learns how to work them too, they will be turning them on and off over and over again! They love doing that!)

Gorgeous 12V Mercedes G55 Premium Ride On SUV Child Ride-On Car

12V Mercedes G55 Premium Ride On SUV Child Ride-On Car

12V Mercedes G55 Premium Ride On SUV Child Ride-On Car

Wow again!
Check this out!
It is a stunning shiny red SUV Mercedes Benz ride-on toy car for kids!
How gorgeous is it?
It looks just like a real ‘grown-up’ car!
Fits kids up to 4 or 5 years old (or 66 lbs.)
What a great looking car for kids! 🙂
(Does it spell awesome Christmas gift idea for grandchildren or what?)

Gorgeous BLUE Mercedes for Toddlers to Drive!

Ride on Mercedes

Ride on Car Mercedes GLA 12V Ride On, Blue

Now it’s time for a very cool blue Mercedes ride-on car for toddlers to drive!
It has a slow and fast speed, working lights and music, just like in a real car!
Heads will turn when your child starts driving this blue beauty around the block! 🙂

Fancy Green Color Ride on Mercedes for Kids!

Green Color Ride on Mercedes for Kids

Green Color Ride on Mercedes for Kids

If you are looking for a fancy looking and very cool Mercedes ride-on car for your child, I think you are going o be in ‘awe’ with this stunning 12V lime-green Mercedes CLA style electric car for kids!
Check out those doors!
It also has a remote control, real rubber tires, a cool seat belt and a real leather seat!
Your child will turn heads when ‘driving’ his cool brand-new green Mercedes around the block! 🙂

*I hope you enjoyed these cool ride-on Mercedes cars for kids here and were able to pick the most fabulous one for your child!
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